End of Quarter Review

I have done very well this week at planning out meals and then sitting together as a family for dinner. It's been much easier with the fact that I've been working mornings, and Richard's classes are starting to die down. The biggest news of the month is:
Believe me, this is huge. I mean, this is the reason he chose not to come to Utah for my sister's wedding, of all things, because this class & all its projects were stressing him out to the brim! A week before everything was due, he kept sharing his doubts about passing. Last Sunday night, he pulled an all-nighter finalizing all the details and making sure everything was presentable. I woke up for work at 4am, and there he was still working away at the computer. When I got home from work at noon, we ate a quick lunch and he was out of here at 12:30, with all projects in hand. That's when my status update on Facebook stated, "I feel like a bunch of stress just walked out the door. Yay!" He was definitely in a happier mood when he got home, and has seemed like a different husband all week. I love this Richard. In celebration, (and just because we can) we went downtown to the Cheesecake Factory for a yummy dinner.

Now, let the countdown to the projects of next quarter begin.


Dorothy said...

Congrats! I imagine the portfolio is awesome too!

RORYJEAN said...


Anna said...

whatever the portfolio class is, sounds intense and is definitely worth celebrating! cheesecake factory is just the answer, i think!

Alison said...

I can related to the stress thing. That's great news!

Lisa said...

What a good supportive wife you are, having dinners all planned out. A nice dinner is always helpful when life is crazy! Congratulations to you both on getting that portfolio done! Never been to cheesecake factory but my kids tell me it's wonderful!