Food, Inc

FOOD, INC <--Click here for their site If you have not yet seen this documentary titled Food, Inc, I 100-thousand percent recommend it to you. Everybody knows that I absolutely love chocolate, grocery shopping, eating, but that I also have a desire to be a better, well-rounded eater. This just heavily motivated me to get on the ball and be a wiser consumer. Our family has done really well on the produce front this week. I've gotten my full serving of fruits each day, and am getting there on the vegetables. Michael wants at least 2 oranges a day. So, I'm feeling pretty happy there.

My goals:
1. Buy more organic & local food.
2. Pass up the fruit snacks, or the like--even if it's a really good deal with a coupon.
3. Feed Michael how he deserves to be fed by his mother; a wide variety of colors and produce.

I am also half way through this book which touches pretty much on the same topics.
He basically encourages us to "eat food that rots" = more produce!

Now, if only I can get Richard to jump on this bandwagon! Ironically, he just walked in the door with a grocery bag of Tostitos, Oreos, Reeses Pieces, and Granola Cereal. And, I'll bet he didn't even use coupons. I just love my Richard.


Nancy said...

Did Richard watch it with you? Because Andrew watched it with me and surprised me by encouraging me to encourage him to change his eating habits. How weird is that, right?

He was totally grossed out by some thing in that movie.

The Wendler Family said...

I've heard good things about both the movie and book, but have not seen/read them. We are big on fruits and veggies. My kids prefer it to processed food and so we try to keep it on had at all times. Tim loves meat though and I really don't like to eat too much of it knowing the animals are not grown like they used to be.
Way to go! You'll do great! Try berries for Michael, blue berries are my kids favorite!

Autumn said...

I'll have to look into this. I've already tried to get our family to eat a little better and wish that I could have a garden but alas the landlord said no.... I'm really curious about the fruit snack thing though. Lela loves her "horses" (my little pony fruit snacks).
I wish I could have seen you more too but I understand about weddings, they're chaotic! And yes we love the castle creek in too and will definitely go there next year. It too has inspired me to dream about one day opening a bed and breakfast as well. Miss you all!
Oh and seeing the pictures of Michael and his cousin makes me wish even more that Lela could get a cousin somewhere around her age, but alas I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.

Diana said...

Nancy, Richard didn't watch it with me. he was at school when I watched it, but I told him that he needs to watch it. I'm sure he will.
Melanie, Michael loves blueberries too. He'll gladly eat fruit, I just need to be better at having it around and eating it too.

Brock said...

I love that you did exactly what I wanted to do after watching it, write a blog (but I was lazy and didn't). It's really amazing how knowledge of something can change our feelings about things that we loved. It was really hard for me to break up with low fat/ fat free this and that.

The weirder thing is that Brock was the one that had to do all the convincing (it's usually me that does it). I remember when he started reading In Defense of Food, he came home and was like dude it's like reading the Book of Mormon for the first time-the over powering feeling that you know it's true and you want to change things in your life immediately.

Since then we have bought our food from the farmers market/organic produce, have eaten less meat and when we do it's grass feed, and in general feel really good about the choices that we have made.

P.S. This is Layla, not Brock

Jennette said...

Good for you! I totally agree! I'm a big Pollan fan and Food Inc is right on. Glad to see that you're interested in making changes. If you are looking for more recipes that use meat sparingly (or not at all) check out the food blog I contribute to linked on my own blog.

Erin said...

What a coincidence. I'm doing an online In Defense of Food book club with two of my Michigan friends. (We're only up to Chap 2 if you want to join in.) I really want to see Food, Inc too. I just finished Pollan's Food Rules the other day.

I've been trying to cut way down on processed foods and only snack on fruits and veggies. I'd like to learn to make more things from scratch. I also want to buy into a produce co-op (where they bring local produce to your door every week year round) when we move into the city.

Marika said...

If you like these two things, may I please suggest "The Omnivore's Dillema"? I really liked it.

Congrats on the fruit thing! Michael and I would definitely get along. I eat like 5 of those mini oranges each day (when I have them).

Lorrie B. said...

Todd and I love this book and movie...eat food, not too much, mostly plants!