Bragging about my Grad

The sole purpose of this post is to brag about this guy:
You may remember this post from last year when it was huge news for us when he passed his Portfolio 1 class. He was the only student in the BFA design department that quarter to pass, straight up, without a "conditional" (an additional three days to get your work up to satisfaction).

This quarter, his only class was Portfolio 2, which involved prepping for his portfolio show and preparing 6 more projects to present to a panel of teachers. He's created some pretty fascinating things and is very thorough, detailed and passionate about graphic design.

Monday was the big day to present to teachers who would determine whether he passed the class or would have to retake the course. Richard said the teachers kept asking question after question, making him dig into details about why he designed things the way he did. He was told that a board game he designed was one of the best projects to come out of the school. That is a huge compliment! When time was up, the academic director stood, shook his hand, and said one word: "Congratulations" then immediately exited the room. Richard just stood there and looked at the other teachers and said, "So, did I pass?" They laughed, and said, "Yes, you passed."

His confusion came because the girl before him had to exit the room for a period of time, while the teachers deliberated, and he thought he'd have the same experience. Out of 9 students in his class: 4 passed, 2 got conditionals, and 3 failed. I wasn't worried about Richard. He's wonderful.
The last event of his school career is his portfolio show at Benaroya Hall on Monday from 12-3pm! (Public Welcome!)

I cannot believe this chapter is coming to a close. Holy cow, it's so surreal.

Check out his website as it stands right now: www.richardandersondesign.com You can also see some pictures of the board game he created. It's still in the game testing mode, but it's playable!

He's been blessed with some freelance work to keep him busy for the next two months. Otherwise, if you hear of any graphic design opportunities, brag about Richard. He's proved himself in school, and I'm positive he'll bring as much zeal to the work force.
This is an i-phone picture of us. I like it, even if it's somewhat unrelated to everything I just wrote.


Mallory said...

Awesome. I like your dress in the picture of you two. I hope Richard can find a full time job soon!

Taylor said...

That is quite impressive! YOu should brag about him.

-M- said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!! Congratulations!!!! Nothing like knowing a chapter closing is closing and another one is about to begin! I went to his site and its basically amazing. No wonder he passed! Seriously.

Lisa said...

Yay for Richard! He's so talented and it's fun when the people in power reafirm that fact. Very cool to pass the thorough examination so decidedly! Congratulations to the Anderson Family! We're looking forward to seeing you at the Portfolio Show Monday.

Myrna said...

Congratulations! Way to be, Richard! Way to be supportive, Diana!