Many months ago, I was going through some clothes in my closet and was dreaming of ways I could reuse some of the old shirts I have. My creativity doesn't run too wild in that department, but I still thought to myself, "Sometimes I wish I had a sewing machine." This was a very fleeting thought, that was primarily on my mind because I have a bunch of friends who are good seamstresses and I had been involved in many of their recent conversations about things that had been sewing.

That same day, or maybe it was the next, I received a phone call from Layla.

"Hi Diana, I have a random question for you. Do you want a sewing machine?"
Completely taken aback, I replied, "Umm...what?"

Layla told me of her current circumstance, where she was helping clean out a house and either putting things in the garbage or in a pile for donations. As I recall her telling the story to me later, she said when she got to this old sewing machine, she immediately thought of me. She pushed away the thought because it really is an old machine, and why would I want this old machine? But, thinking of me again, she picked up the phone and called me anyway.

And, it really made me happy. To be honest, I felt like it was a tender mercy from the Lord. Like, He was aware of my random wants (not even a need!) and He was happy to bless me with them. I don't really know how to explain it--except I felt this obligation all of the sudden, to learn how to use it because of the manner in which I received it.

Don't ask me if what I've sewn with it so far. I don't have an answer for you.

Is this an example of burying a talent?


Layla said...

I still think about that day and how surprised you sounded when I asked. Yay for fulfilling a want :)

We should get together sometime and sew. I still have your material for your purse.

Lisa said...

Can I just say that the "old machine" you now have is totally the kind of machine I would love! My mom and Denise both have/had Kenmore sewing machines that are sew well and don't have all the gingerbread that tends to cause trouble while you're sewing. Just really reliable, sturdy machines. Good luck with your sewing, I bet you'll come up with all kinds of fun stuff to make and practical things as well!

-M- said...

That is so awesome!! No, don't worry, you will learn. Go to some fun crafting/sewing blogs and you'll get all the itch you need to learn to use it!
I totally agree, the Lord is so mindful of our wants and really does bless us for our righteous desires. :)

Taylor said...

hurray for tender mercies.

Mallory said...

yay! I can't wait to see some of your creations!