10 reasons I love this boy:
10. He sure knows how to cheese it up (to get his way).
9. He's a pretty good friend. It makes me happy when babysitters tell me he was "really good" and played well with their children.
8. He likes to play Pacman, Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies with me.
7. That he is practically potty-trained in every way. His nursery teacher had to bring him to me twice today, because he told her he needed to go to potty. The second time Michael said to me, "The pee-pee just keeps coming, Mom!"
6. That when he gets frustrated, he grunts and stomps his feet.
5. That he's quick to say "sorry".
4. That he loves to eat tomatoes just like an apple.
3. I love it when I catch you humming/singing along to songs on the radio in the car. Country singer in the making. ;)
2. When he randomly says, "Mommy, I love you."
1. I love how excited you are for your next birthday. You practice blowing out candles-saying you won't be scared next time. And, when you see something you want, you kindly tell me, "You can get this for my birthday."

I just love my boy.


Layla said...

I love him too!

Mallory said...

He is pretty awesome, and it is totally true he plays really well with others. I really like the comment about the pee just keeps coming out it totally made me chuckle.

-M- said...

He is one cute boy! Michael is nice to look at and hearing all about his personality makes him that much cuter!!
Hooray for being potty trained! Did you use any of the info I sent you in the email? (I never hear back from you about it) I hope you found some of it useful. :) Those are great pictures too.

Lisa said...

Pretty good kid you've got there! He's a sweetie!

Steve said...

Cute kid