Summer Water Fun!!!

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Keith Schenk invited our family to go water tubing with them a week ago. I think this was the most fun thing Philip did his whole visit in WA, and definitely one of the best things I've done all summer! We had a blast!Philip stayed on the tube as much as he could, although he had quite a few flips. His only injury was one of his braces catching his lip causing it to bleed. See the photo above, on the bottom left? Bye-bye Phil! Even Michael went on the tube, but at a low speed. He loved it!

After our afternoon fun, we went back to the Schenk's for a tasty salmon dinner. Michael gobbled the salmon up! And even Philip had quite a few bites. I just took a few bites off Phil's plate. It was good, but I still don't consider myself a salmon fan.
Look at the cheeser at the end of the table.

Michael was more social than he has been in a while amidst lots of new company. He loved Katie and Diane a lot, and just loved relaxing on Katie's lap and feeling the baby in her tummy, and showing off his tummy as well. We also got him to learn everybody's name, although he wouldn't quit calling Grandma Hart by "grandpa!" because he was getting a good laugh out of everyone.


Mallory said...

Looks like a fun summer time! Yay for summer!

Lisa said...

It was a perfect day on the lake and a wonderful dinner crowd. I don't consider myself a huge seafood lover, but I do like fish when Keith cooks it. And oh, thanks for doing the dishes!