Michael has been requesting to say the prayers each night. His prayers are usually three lines long:
Heavenly Father, thank you day. Thank you Sawyer. Amen.

We laughed after this first prayer. I find it rather endearing that ever since the first day Michael started saying his own prayers, he'll always include his friend, Sawyer. Since then we've tried to teach him he can say he's thankful for anything. Here was his last prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father
Thank you day.
Thank you Sawyer
Thank you brush our teeth
Thank you Daddy brush our teeth
Thank you Sawyer
Thank you bike
Thank you bike and Sawyer. Yah!

In June, Michael went to Sawyer's birthday party which included riding their trikes. Proof here. I'm sure he was reflecting back on this moment. I just love my boy.


Tysha said...

That is super sweet. I guess that is a nice hint to get them together for a play date that involves bikes! :)

Mallory said...

It is even more fun to read it! He is funny!

The Wendler Family said...

It is always so tender when they start learning to pray on their own! What a sweet boy. :)

Lisa said...

Don't you love that he's talking now and you can understand what's going on in that cute little head of his? So sweet! and funny!