Phones And Guns

I am so amazed how you can pick up any object and turn it into a gun. Drool and spit fly from your lips as you make a shooting sound. It's rather disgusting, really. We've tried to teach you a different shooting noise that just uses your voice, but you seem to revert to the vibrating wet lip-smacking shooting.
Just today, we were outside playing next to the Baptist church next to our apartment. You found an interestingly shaped bark from a tree. You started poking at it, saying "8-9-10-11". Then you perched the bark against your ear like a telephone.

"Hello? Hi Chris! Yah? Okay bye."

First of all, I find it very funny that whenever you make imaginary phone calls, it is usually to Chris and Jonette. I know you really like these guys, but they are friends of Mommy and Daddy. I just wonder why you don't ever make phone calls to your nursery friends. Is this because they are too young to have phones?

I guess imaginary phone calls aren't the only calls you make. You love playing with Daddy or Mommy's cell phones whenever you get the chance. Yesterday evening you got into my Recent Call tab on my phone, and made a call to the missionaries. I heard you talking, but was extra surprised when I heard someone responding. According to the call log, Elder Peterson was humoring you for at least two minutes. Was he offering you some advice on how to be the best missionary you can be? I hope so.

Anyway, after you finished your imaginary conversation with Chris, we spotted an airplane flying overhead. Immediately, this bark transformed from a phone to a gun. You perched it up to your face, aimed the bark at the sky and began to shoot wildly. Spit flying. Drool dripping until the airplane was out of sight. Then the phone was back in your hands and the conversation with Chris started all over again.

"8-9-10-11. Hi Chris."

Imagination. I love watching it bloom.

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Oh how adorable! Love this post!