Have you tried using coupons recently?

I'm curious dear readers, HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE STARTED CLIPPING COUPONS OR SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED DOING SO, and what motivated you to start doing so? Comment please! I'm very curious.

I recently received an email from a lady at church who will not be working come next month, and needs to find a way to help pinch her pennies. She asked if I could show her learn how to use sales and coupons. I was WAY excited at this email, and look forward to teaching her the basics of coupons, and showing her the resources I use. Is anyone else interested in tagging along? I'd be happy to share! I think the biggest thing though is just getting in the mindset of being a little more thrifty with what you already have, and keeping your mindset on being smart with purchases with or without coupons. Secondly, getting organized with bills, meal planning, budgeting is important.

Anyway, I want to highlight one thrifty deal at Rite Aid. Have I ever told you that I love Rite Aid. I used to not care for it but then they started their wellness program, and Single Check Rebates, and they are one of the best places to shop for non-food purchases. This month there was a great deal on a night guard. Months ago the dentist recommended Richard get a nightguard to prevent grinding teeth which usually causes massive headaches for him. The dentist gave him an estimate of making a mold at the office. ($350+) WHAT? He said store bought ones could probably do the trick. So, cross your fingers! Less headaches = :)
If you had just walked into the store and bought these without logging in your receipt online for rebates you would have paid: $33.97
Here's what I did--think you can follow along?
Doctor's Night Guard
Sale Price: $19.99
Coupon: -$5.00
Single Check Rebate: $10.00 by mail
Qualifies for Oral Care Rebate = $5 gift card by mail

Sale Price: $5.99
Coupon: -$3.00
UP Reward: +$1 to use on future purchase

Sale Price: $7.99
Coupons: -$1.00
Single Check Rebate: $7.99 by mail

Applied $5 off/$25 purchase
Applied UP rewards from previous purchases of $2.00 and $1.50.
Total OOP Purchase Price after tax: 19.22
I paid $16.39 with gift cards that I received in the mail from last month's rebates paying only $2.83 OUT OF POCKET
and will receive a check from Rite Aid for $17.99, and a $5 gift card, and have a $1 coupon to use on anything in their store in the future.
Did you read that whole thing? I'm proud of you. =)

Seriously-tell me that doesn't make you even consider clipping a coupon, or signing up for programs that give you rebates for purchases you were going to make anyway.


Kathryn said...

A-freak'n-MAZING!! Yes, I would like to learn how to be you. Tell me where and when. I will be there with pen and paper and my Sunday Times newspaper. By the way where is the nearest Rite Aid? I do occasionally use coupons and most always buy items on sale. I am always happy to learn how to save more $$, live more easily on a budget and plan easier/cheaper meals for my family.

Kathryn said...
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Lisa said...

Ok, we have a Rite Aid in the area. I'm with you, haven't liked to shop there. But I like the deals you're talking about. I'll have to look into that. Do you just go to the store and sign up or what?
By the way, I'm supposed to wear a night guard too. Let me know if Richard likes the one you bought, I don't want to pay the dentist for one either!

Mallory said...

Oh gosh I just learned the newest most awesome thing in the world for me. The dollar store sells sunday newspapers! Umm that means on Monday I can walk my little behind into the dollar store and get my newspaper and then walk into Rite Aid! Win- Win.

I started using coupons because I like to shop, and I find getting something for free or good price a game. I guess you can say it is like me playing the wii. But I am curious which blogs you like to look at most to find your deals. I will have to ask you in person. I am also a little bit curious who you are teaching, but I should ask that in person too!

Suzy said...

Anyway I can tag-a-long over the internet? I'd like to learn- it's definitely a skill.

Katie said...

OH NO! Don't let my girls camp post scare you away. All normal people have AC and are able to stay cool and happy and bug free! Richard should apply to Epic! I keep thinking about how great it would be if you guys moved out here! Please, please, please come be our neighbor!

The Wendler Family said...

I've thought about it, but have yet to do anything about it. I decided it wouldn't be worth my time since:
1- I make most things from scratch and the food items are usually prepackaged meals.
2- Our family has super sensitive skin and we have to be very careful about the soaps/lotions/deodorants we use.
3- And cleaning supplies and laundry stuff I make most of from scratch too.
So again, I don't know if it would be worth my time. What do you think?