Friday Harbor

Richard just finished another quarter and has this week off from school and I, excitedly, was scheduled 3 days off in a row! In my opinion, this weekend bliss would be best spent doing something away from our apartment. After church on Sunday, we drove up to Richard's Aunt Lisa's home which is just an hour north. I brought a lasagna and they provided everything else. We enjoyed dinner with Lisa, Keith, Devin, Eric, and Grandma Hart. We stayed the night at their house--and were so happy they allowed us to come over on such short visit. It was wonderful not feeling rushed to leave before we got too tired. Richard stayed up and played games. I, on the other hand, fell asleep early with Michael on the bed. I was too afraid he would roll around and fall off the bed. Next time I have a child, I will definitely purchase a pack-n-play for circumstances such as these.

The next morning, we enjoyed yummy waffles and then headed up to Anacortes to take a ferry ride to Friday Harbor. There wasn't too much to do there, but visit the little shops which we did. We bought a few items and then ate some lunch. It was a cute little place. I'll upload more pictures and video later.
On the ferry ride home the wind was much more chilly, and blowing hard. However, Michael liked being out on the deck. When he would run out-the wind would push him back in. He loved it! The guy on the video says to me, "He's still at it, huh?" Yes, Michael was running back and forth for almost the entire ferry ride.


Lisa said...

Thanks for spending your weekend off with us! Your lasagna was so good, don't forget that I want the recipe! What a cutie Michael is. And he let me hold him without crying! So fun! We definitely missed you when we played Bohnanza. Maybe cuz I was the only girl? Hmm. Well, next time!

Lisa said...

I just watched the video of Michael enjoying the wind. Pretty funny! Ah, the simple joys of life!

Suzy said...

Cute cute cute! I really like that kid.

Bonnie and Mathew Wick said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip. I love the video. Are you going to try and camp anytime?