Keep the Change

I feel like I have so many great deals to highlight from late, but I'll spare you with only three. First, on my birthday, Richard and I were walking around the mall and I found this cute capris but they were $25 and I just couldn't get myself to buy them. Well, yesterday, I was back in the mall and I went into the store. What was great, everything I had looked at last month, was now on clearance. Those same capris were now $9! I'll take it.Second, my grocery trip at Safeway today. Take a good look at my purchase. How much do you think you would've paid?
Two of Deli Creation Sandwiches @ $3.99, but were B1G1Free = $3.99
The other Sandwich @ $3.29 (not B1G1-which was too bad).
•Use coupon for Buy 2, Get 1 free.
•Final price=$3.29 for all 3 Sandwiches

4 Nature Valley Nut Clusters @ $1.50 each when you buy 4 =$6
•Use 4 $1/1 coupons.
•Final Price = $2
•(I did this deal the other day too-but, I had electronic coupons attached to my club card which you can do here and/or here--so I got an additional $1.40 off leaving me to pay only .60 for 4).

2 Chex Mix Bars and 2 Trail Mix bars @ $1.50 each = $6
•Use 2 .5o/1 coupons for the Trail Mix Bars.
•Use 1 electronic coupon for .60/1 Chex Mix Bars
•Final Price = $4.40

1.11 lb of Grapes @ .98/lb = $1.09
Total Price: $10.78
Savings of 74%
Third, my shopping trip today @ Target!
3 Ready Rice Packets @ $1.97 each = $5.91
• Use Target SC $1/2
• Use MC $1/3
• Final Price = $3.91
2 travel size Tide @ .97 each = $1.94
• Use 2 $1/1 any size Tide coupon
• Final price = Free + .06 overage.
According to Target's coupon policy the checker will adjust the coupon value, so it doesn't exceed the price of the item, however neither the checker nor the other girl she asked knew how to properly do it, so they didn't worry about it.
2 Kotex Liner Pads @ .90 each (clearance!)
• Use 2 $1/1 coupons
• Final Price = Free + .20 overage
2 Schick Quattro Razor Refill 4 pk @ $10.19 each = $20.38
• Use 2 Target SC $4/1
• Use 2 MC $4/1
• Final Price = $4.38 for both!!!
Total Price: $9.56

Other great deals to highlight were getting high value Kleenex coupons allowing me to wait for a sale, and getting 4 boxes free!
Getting 25 free pictures from Snapfish.com
Free samples of feminine products in the mail.
Free samples of cereals in the mail.
Free subscriptions to Oprah Magazine, Parents, Working Mother, Woman's Day, Martha Stewart Magazine, and Opera Magazine (that last one was a total mistake. When I clicked on it at first, I thought it was "Oprah")
• I find out about most of these "free" offers from sites like this one and this one.
Oh, and I won EA Sports Active for the Wii on a blog giveaway this last week! This isn't necessarily 'thrifty', but still WAY exciting!

Did you catch any great deals lately? Have some frugal tips? Or, just want to leave a comment to tell me you love me? Let me know! And let me know if you like these types of posts every once in a while.


Brian and Becky said...

Diana, I love your posts-I think its so great that you are able to spread your money so far and I wish I was more on top of it. Hope things are going well for you guys-how much longer does Michael have on his program?

David said...

There's a similar thing going here in Utah at http://sheshopssmart.blogspot.com

Diana said...

Oh believe me David, there are similar things happening everywhere on the Internet. I only post once in a while, to remind my few readers that there are resources to help you scout out those good deals. And it is very fun and beneficial, in my opinion.
But I don't plan on creating an entire site just to that.

Do u know the person who runs that site?