Joy and Tragedy

All my thoughts from Wednesday just keep coming back to me. I wasn't going to expound on these thoughts anymore than I have, but I just can't get this out of my mind of just how fragile life is.

My mom sent up a journal that she kept when she was a young mother for me to read. It has been such a joy to read! And it's been very enlightening as well. My mom is very optimistic. She wrote something in one of her first entries that said exactly what I've been trying to apply. "...we need to live and enjoy each day, and not live in the past or just wishing for the future." Sometimes I just wish that Richard was out of school now. Sometimes I wish we were on our way with another child. Sometimes I wish that Michael could do more. But, mostly I know wholeheartedly that we are very blessed. I am grateful for where we are, what we are doing, right now.

On Thursday, September 3 Ryan Alder, his wife, and baby were in a tragic car accident where Ryan was pronounced dead on the scene. My Facebook page was overrun with status updates from high school friends "praying for his family" or that they "are deeply sad", etc... It was very shocking, surprising, and difficult to believe that a friend could have his life ended in just an instant and I couldn't get thoughts of him, and his family our of my head all weekend.

It's never the best feeling to have a tragedy wake you up to these thoughts. I know many of my friends were affected, and wrote about their thoughts as well. Tell those you love that you love them. And just be joyful. And to those of you who know Ryan, and were affected by this loss, remember these feelings of gratitude for your life, selflessness, and love that you felt. I should preach to myself. It's easy to forget once you get wrapped up in everyday again. But, that's once again, why I'm just trying to take each day as it comes and love it.

So tell me: what have you loved about today?


Nancy said...

What have I loved about today?

Well, Andrew and I stayed up to join in the special prayer for Kate...which was at 2 AM our time.

We slept in until around 10 AM, even Rachel, which was awesome.

I took my brother downtown; it's his last day here. I found some more dresses like the ones I wanted and bought two. Now I'm all muumuu'd up for the rest of this pregnancy. :)

Andrew started classes again, which I'm happy about. It's been a long summer and it will be nice to have some built-in structure.

Myrna said...

What have I loved about today?

I got some seriouisly good work done on the first chapter of my dissertation! I don't have to give up in shame because I have nothing to say!

I have loved being able to read of Kate's progress, and hope that she will be well soon so that she can raise that precious baby!

I have loved reading a bunch of blogs, including this one!

CathyAnnie said...

I love that I am about to spend some time with my family tonight and appreciate their company! I have an awesome family!

Thanks, Diana!

Karen said...

I have loved thinking back on our entire wonderful weekend in Seattle with you, Brock & Layla, and all the other relatives there for the wedding.

I love the fact that we arrived safely in Twin Falls and only have a fairly short drive home tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to seeing a newly painted basement, courtesy of Jacob & Emily (and even Sarah, I think).

I love Reid for coming to a family occasion with me (a very rare occurrence, I assure you).