We had a blast!

The primary reason for the Heisses visit was to celebrate the marriage of cousin Tyler and Heidi in the Seattle Temple. After the wedding, we hung around the temple and took quite a few pictures. But, because my previous post was smothered with pictures, I'll spare you on this one.

After the temple we had a fun luncheon in Renton with Ivar's clam chowder and sourdough rolls. Yum. It's amazing how worn out we became with the festivities though. We went home and everybody took naps! Of course, Reid and Richard woke up to watch the BYU football game.Unfortunately, they only saw the first half because we had to go to the reception. They whined more than Michael the entire way. "We could've been watching the game..." Instead, they had to sit in a house and eat nachos and cake. Not a bad substitute, I don't think.
Anyway, the Heisses spoiled us while here. We had a blast going to the museum, visiting the waterfront, going out to eat at Gorditos and Chinooks (Brock's recommendation. This place was yummy!) And we also played a full game of Mexican train, #12 to 0! And of course, Michael had a good time and enjoyed having new faces around who gave him attention whenever he requested it. Pillow fight!


JennyMac said...

Great post...Renton? Ivars? This are words I know. I am from Seattle!

Shaillé said...

What a crazy coincidence - we were in Seattle for a wedding that same weekend! We should have met up with you guys! It was just a whirlwind trip for us with a 10-hour drive each way. Anyway, glad you guys had fun!