Today I went to the AIS website and logged into my account. I was going to check my grades. After logging in and navigating through a series of links I finally came to a link called "Grades". I clicked the link....waited anxiously while it pulled them from the database....

While you wait lets take a look at some things I did this semester.

This is a logo for a new catering business here in Seattle. The iguana comes from the owners pet iguana. Sounds silly but that's what they wanted.

Here is their stationery.

This logo is an update for my uncle's business. (www.chisinspections.com)

Here is the stationery.

In my illustration class we took a dark colored paper and used dillusions of bleach and bleached the paper. Looks way cool huh!

Next I took one color of water-based paint and put it all over the canvas. Then I used a paint brush and water to remove the paint in the areas that are brighter. I like it because you can see the green painted strokes through the whole piece. Looks almost like I put white over the green, like a stencil or cut out.

I also created a 30 page guide book for new students. It includes definitions of terms they probably don't know, step by step guide to setting up a document and how to get it ready to print properly. I had a debate class and debated topics like Sex Education and Should we create a World Union similar to the European Union. The logo projects above are just the top of the ice berg. I had to create 5-7 other pieces for both including vehicle stickers, menus, web-sites, clothing, ads, public relations and contracts, as well as guides as to how they can and can't use their logo.

....When the grades page finally posted I was going crazy. I was so excited to see them but nervous to get anything less than an A. It was my goal this semester to get all A's.

I hope you are dying to know what I got as much as I was. I got a 4.0 and you can imagine the excitement.

I would like to thank Diana for her patience throughout the quarter. She also gets credit for spell checking and giving her input on everything. I want to thank Michael for being cute and keeping us smiling all the time. He is just so cute.


Diana said...

Hooray! And, you're welcome.

Brock said...

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Dorothy said...

Awesome. You do fantastic work. John and I are proud of all three of you.

Nancy said...

Wow, you smart, smart, smarty pants! Way to go!

Karen said...

Way to go--I knew you had it in you all along. A 4.0 is really something to be proud of. Keep up the good work! Love you--and have a Merry Christmas!

Suzy said...

Richard!!! That is so so so great! I can't believe you kept us in suspense for so long- I almost scrolled to the bottom to find out earlier.

Lisa said...

Woo Hoo! That's fantastic Richard! Proud to call you a relative, LOL! And hey, I think your work is amazing. We are so pleased with the logo update etc. that you created for us.
Congratulations, and Merry Christmas to you, Diana and Michael.

Alison said...

Wow, 4.0! Great job!

Shaillé said...

Wow - great job Richard (and the family that supports him)!! That's some cool looking stuff! Glad you guys had a good Christmas too. :)