Let it Snow!

Well, church was cancelled again today because of another snow storm that hit last night. In our area, there's not too much snow, but apparantly in Sammamish and Bellevue areas, there was lots of snowfall, and power outages as a gift. And in Enumclaw there were high wind warnings. Basically, the only thing the news covers this week is the weather. So I guess that's all that's on my mind as well.

Apparantly somebody announced on the news that a lot of snowfall was coming, and that everybody had better get their grocery shopping done because no one will be going out on Sunday or Monday. Well, lemme tell ya! Work was B.U.S.Y! Every checkstand was open, and the lines were long in every checkstand. I only rang up about 9 customers my first hour, because every one had such large orders. I wouldn't even call this snowfall a natural disaster, but the craziness at the store was a good glimpse into what life might be like if a natural disaster were to happen.

Are you prepared? It's caused me to reflect on how much stored water I have on hand, or non-perishable food. Could we survive a week? Could we survive three days?

I've been walking to work this entire week. I think it's funny how I voluntarily walk more in the winter than I did in the summer time. I just have no interest in driving anywhere on the icy roads that never get cleaned off. But walking brings back some good memories of Russia, specifically. I wear my winter boots, and throw on lots of layers to keep warm. However, I still wear about 1-2 layers less than I wore in Russia. The first day that I arrived in Moscow it was 25 degrees below. I didn't understand how cold that was, and wasn't adequately prepared for a 2 hour drive in an unheated van in that weather. Haha, misery!!

Anyway, I've actually really enjoyed walking to and from work. And since there's no other place to go--let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

And now a little message from Michael: kbn i k l. o;l l l nm//// yuh m
Translation: Mommy hurt my thumb today while trying to cut my fingernail. Now I'm wearing my first bandaid ever, and think it tastes pretty good.


Nancy said...

The internet is being slow so I'm being a lazy commenter.

1) Cute gingerbread houses! :)
2) Yay for teeth coming through!
3) I love Russia! :)
4) I love you!

RORYJEAN said...

I can't believe all the snow we are getting!
I never knew you lived in Russia. Did you serve a mission there?

Myrna said...

I love snow in the Northwest--makes a nice change from rain, don't you think? Actually, while living in BC, that was the only time I really enjoyed snow...nice that you can just walk to work; driving in the snow is no fun!