Merry Christmas

I mostly recorded our Christmas morning, but I don't have the cord that connects my camera. So, here are a few pictures. Michael got a lot of books. He Loves books. He'll hold them open as best as he can, and make mumbling noises.

Richard always does Stockings--at least he always wants to be in charge of stockings, that is. I thought that I had seen everything already that he was going to put in stockings, but I found a few surprises this morning. A diploma. A Job. and a million dollars. 
Yeah right...maybe in 82 years

We enjoyed our day talking with family on the web cam, and seeing them opening some gifts. And, we watched Wall-E. Took naps. Ate scones. Ate orange sticks, and lots of chocolate. Visited with friends. It's been a lovely holiday. Merry Christmas everyone.


Amy said...

Merry Christmas Anderson Family!

Nancy said...

So fun! I wish I got a job in my stocking! :) And I hope that diploma comes a lot sooner than 82 years! And it's possible that Michael is the most adorable little guy on the planet. But don't tell anyone I said that.

The Wendler Family said...

Tender! I love books too. :) I wish a million $$ came in my stocking. hehe Glad you had a good Christmas!!