Oh the weather outside is frightful!

I am so grateful for my socks. Actually, I am wearing some pink fuzzy socks that I got for Christmas last year, or two years ago from my mom. They are sorta like Slippers. And they keep my feet soooo warm.

It snowed in Seattle, for the first time on Saturday. There was not very much snowfall-prolly about an inch. I don't really know--but I do know, it was definitely not enough to build a snowman. However, it was enough that church was cancelled the next day. And schools started 2 hours later than usual today. At this rate, I won't be going to church all winter.


But, it is ICY and it is BrrrrCOLD.

And so I am so thankful for warm socks, warm apartment, warm vehicle, warm hearts, hot chocolate, warm blankets, heaters. Did you ever sit on your heater at home? I always did. I used to push the temperature button up just one notch, sometimes two, because it was enough to get the heater to turn back on. And then, when it turned off, I'd go back out in the hallway and push it one more time. But, I always got in trouble when I did that, especially when I'd keeping pushing it over the 80 degree mark. I didn't really know what the numbers meant--I just knew it turned the heater back on.

Well, happy holidays my fellow blog readers. Stay warm.


Nancy said...

Yeah, things like that happen on the coast. It just gets rather slick and no one knows how to drive in it and all the hills, etc. It gets messy. Black ice is a huge problem.

Still, I don't ever remember having church be canceled for a little snow. Or school for that matter.

The only snow day I ever got was when it snowed like 4-6 feet in one night. Bummer.

Rochelle and Justus said...

That's crazy that church got cancelled...how funny! Yeah I woke up to a few inches of snow this morning...didn't make me happy! Hope your enjoy you little bit of snow!

MidSpeck said...

Maybe people in Seattle just need to learn how to drive on ice! One complaint I have about Idaho is that they don't plow most of the roads. So we just end up driving on the snow -- which then turns into ice and can't be plowed anyway. Then we are stuck driving on top of the ice for the rest of the winter.

Suzy said...

I love love love those socks. I wear them a lot.

Hosander said...

I realized today as I lay in a warm bed and looked out the window at an extra 2-3 inches of snow, that I would die if I didn't have a warm house.

also, I just cut the toes off some of those socks and made babylegs for anna.

Myrna said...

Nancy just forgets because she was little when we lived in BC, but occasionally church did get cancelled. Not very often.

I always sat on the heater, too, and always got in trouble for turning the heater up! Mom and Dad wouldn't be home and crank it up to 90, then turn it back down before they got home...then Dad would come in and I'd get in trouble anyway...how did he know?

The Wendler Family said...

hehe church was cancled because of snow? Yeah, its a good thing they don't do that here, otherwise... who hasn't sat over a heater vent?! You're not kidding. There is nothing like it. :) I'm glad you have fuzzy warm socks too.

Alison said...

I used to sit on the heater, it was the best!