There was an old lady who lived in a shoe

Well, we sure don't live in a shoe. That's a blessing. So, by request of some people...here are pictures of our apartment, in a not so clean state.
The Bathroom. Enough said.
Richard and the love of his life, in our livingroom. It's a nice livingroom.
Our bedroom...in its natural state.
Our kitchen. It may look kinda messy, but it isn't.  Those counters are clean...minus the papers that are on the side. It's my goal to make that counter always clean, and not to be the collection spot of all our mail, papers, etc. We'll see how that goes.  
And finally, the last of our boxes that are occupying our dining room space.  Not that we really facilitate the dining room space, because we don't have any chairs for our table.  Only boxes--so maybe its good that they are there. As soon as they get smashed, I just take them down to the recycle bin, and get a new one. 

On a different note, I got a library card yesterday.  It was very nice to get out of the apartment again. I always enjoy those moments. The only thing is, I didn't know what book to check out. I want to read "Kite Runner" or "Twilight", but both were all checked out. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Richard also got out of class "early" today.  His teacher gave the students an assignment to follow this map around downtown and observe the different art structures that the teacher highlighted.  Initially, Richard was planning on walking around with some students from his class, but instead of following the map, most of the students made their way straight to the parking garage instead.  Dedicated students, huh? So, Richard called me-and Michael & I made our way to downtown.  We spent about an hour walking around. It was fantastic. I love being downtown!


Nancy Heiss said...

What a cute apartment! It looks like you're getting settled.

And I'm so glad you got out to see a bit of downtown! Hooray for school--a lot of our "dates" are Andrew's homework as well: movies, eating Italian food, etc.

Layla said...

I covet your kitchen counter tops! Oh by the way I have the Kite Runner if you want to borrow it.

Brittney said...

I love your kitchen! And your living room is spacious. I wish mine was a bit bigger, but it's still cute :)

The Wendler Family said...

What a great apartment! Hope you are enjoying Seattle. Don't worry, boxes may be there for awhile and that's ok, cause you just moved! Even in a month or two, you still "just moved."