Swiss Family Anderson

Richard has been applying for multiple scholarships--because we need any we can get. On Thursday, he received an email from one of the scholarships announcing he was a finalist (I don't know out of how many), and they just needed him to send verification that he is really attending school currently. They'll announce the winner on Monday. Cross your fingers! I just sent off two more scholarship apps today as well. One which will cover full tuition-and is for Washington art students only. So that limits competition significantly, compared to the other which is for anyone going into Art. Goooooood Luck Ricardo.

And now....to add more pictures of my baby boy, cause he is just too darn cute. He smiles all the time! He's sleeping very well each night. He's such a joy to have around. Nancy gave us a hanging toy contraption and Michael is very interested in it. I should've recorded him today as he was laying underneath it. This toy makes him talk! He'll stare at the toys dangling down and make noise after noise. And he's beginning to realize that he can lift up his hand and hit them and they make noise back at him. 
We got a computer chair. We put Michael on it. He can't sit very well yet (duh)-so I had to keep close to help him stay up straight.

Otherwise, this happened.

The End


Katharine said...

Man he has really long legs!!

Mom said...

Good luck on scholarship and thanks for posting the pictures. Glad you got a computer chair. Do you still want your old one?

Layla said...

Hey there Ms I can eat a million and ten calories and never gain weight! You have been tagged. Check out the good ole' blog for more details.

The Wendler Family said...

Any news on the scholarshiops? You liitle Michael is getting so big! He'll be sitting up on his own in no time! Tim starts grad school at BYU in the fall.

Anna said...

little baby anderson is so cute! he does have long legs - like his mom and dad, huh? good luck with the scholarships - kyle and i are in the same boat...z

Diana said...

Sadly he didn't get the scholarship I mentioned, but we're now waiting on the results of three more. I guess, I don't want to get my hopes up, but anything would be nice