Scrappy Moments

I have finally finished scrapbooking all the kindergarten and teacher pictures from when I went to Russia with ILP.  (It's been about two years!) Now all I have left are our Scandinavia vacation pictures.  I really like scrapbooking, although, I don't think I am the best at it--in terms of having "the cutest pages."  But, I love looking at other people's scrapbooks and getting ideas
 for my own.  There are so many creative people out there.  I 
think, if you scrapbook, you should post some of your favorite pages on your
 blog so I can see them! :)  
Anna, do you remember this?


Anna said...

ha ha. you were always such a sport to let me get some cold russian anger out with you! we had some good times, eh? it was tough while we were there - at least for me - but in retrospect, it was definietly one of the greatest experiences of my life! and, after all, because of that, i'm married to my husband now!!!

Diana said...

Yeah, we did have some tough, blue days. But, I'm glad I went too. I had some good talks with you though. I remember hearing so much about Elise, I almost felt like we were friends already!

Layla said...

Hello friend. Remember that website I told you about that you can get free stuff? I found the link today! http://www.freecycle.org/

robinly said...

Oh Wonderful!! Those pages made me sooo happy. I miss seeing your girls. I talked to Alex yesterday...I'll shoot off an email later this week about that. Good work on the scrapbookingness. You say you aren't creative...but I beg to differ.