At the beginning of summer, all the "thrifty deal" blogs I follow advertised this great deal from the site kidsbowlfree.com. It sounded interesting, but I just passed it by telling myself it was an unnecessary expense this year. Instead, Michael and I have spent a lot of time at Greenlake wading pool (completely free and out in the beautiful sunshine).

But yesterday I was itching to do something different. I have a coupon for buy one get one free entrance to the zoo. But, then when Richard said he wanted to join, I thought bowling would be equally as fun. Then that site came to memory. It really ended up being a great deal afterall, even if I purchased it late into the summer. I just purchased the one week adult pass (13.95) that gives Richard and I two free games everyday as long as Michael is with us (he automatically gets two free games everyday for the rest of summer just for signing up). Richard has his own bowling shoes--so the price of shoes was cut down. That deal paid for itself by far on our first use. 

After bowling yesterday we stopped at Fred Meyer, and I saw this shirt that I thought looked like it belonged to a pro-bowler. I think Richard should wear it from now on. Not that he's pro. I mean, his highest score was 136 yesterday (which was definitely higher than my 101 score). But, he used to bowl much higher all the time. 

I couldn't stop smiling the whole time we played. I felt like it was "the good ol' days" when we and a bunch of friends would go bowling all the time (thus the reason his friends and I pitched in and bought him bowling shoes for his birthday one year. He still has the note we attached to them.)

So, to make good use of this one-week pass, we went again today! (After Michael and I spent the morning at the wading pool with friends, of course). Our scores were even worse today. And Michael was pretty worn out after the 6th frame, which means we may not end up going tomorrow to give him a break.


Mallory said...

Awesome! If you ever want to go to the zoo we are members and if we go together I can get you in for half cost which is kind of like bogo

Lorrie B. said...

I want to go bowling! I haven't been in forever. Lets go!

Lisa said...

I love that you posted a video! Next time we need to see Richard bowling in that awesome new shirt you bought him. Good times!