It ain't a birthday without cupcakes

For my birthday, we met the Mahelona's at Claim Jumpers for dinner. It was delicious, and I got a complimentary red velvet cupcake!

After dinner, Twyla, Aaron and Ben came over to our house (sleeping bags in tow). Michael was so excited that Ben was sleeping over. Then surprise! surprise! Twyla pulls out a pan of chocolate cupcakes. Richard starts putting paper, markers, scissors, and mini marshmallows on the table. The plan? Turn our cupcakes into pirate ships.  It turned out really fun, and Rich and Z stopped in for a minute and added their own designs. Here's the debut of our pirate ship cupcakes. The snowman pirates are my favorite. ;) Which is your favorite?

Thank you Twyla and Richard!

The next day, we had a Hart family picnic to attend. We enjoyed a wonderful picnic in the shade and then Uncle Wes, Uncle Paul, cousin Ryan, and we headed to the Family Fun Center in Tukwila. We did a few rounds in the batting cages, then Richard played mini-golf. Michael and I went inside to the (air conditioned) arcade area. My favorite game was the Wheel of Fortune game. :) Michael and I got over 105 tickets in one game. And then just collected one ticket here and there in other games. Here are a couple of the "great prizes" that he got.

And to top off the evening, Julie brought me some cupcakes she made. Of course I took a picture of them before eating them. They were gorgeous, and delicious. And Julie recently told me she reads my blog, so I must shout out: THANK YOU JULIE! :)
It was a great birthday weekend. I am now a-quarter-of-a-century in years. I always thought I'd feel old when I turned 25. But, I don't. Probably because most of my friends are older than me, and I can never seem to catch up. 


Kathryn Camara said...

You're not supposed to want to catch up. Eternal youth, that's what your fogey friends are giving ya! Glad you had a Happy Birthday. Are red velvet cupcakes in your kitchen's future now?

Martha said...

I knew you'd be eating cupcakes! Good for you! And I have to say it again: love your short hair. Like I said, I'm a big supporter of short hair, so if you are ever in doubt about how cute it is on you, talk to me and I will reassure you that you look SUPER CUTE! Happy 25th!

Lisa said...

Those cupcakes were so cute, you guys are sure creative. Plus they were chocolate so they looked delicous! I like the snowmen too!

Lorrie B. said...

Wow you sure love cupcakes! Happy belated b-day by the way. I went to a Buddhist family picnic with Todd, My sister and my niece the day after my 5k race. It was so much fun. We played volleyball and we did egg soccer. It's like an egg race where you balance an egg on a spoon but while playing soccer.

Myrna said...

Just FYI, Diana, you will still feel the same at 30, 35, 40, 45, 50...maybe somewhere along the line you will start to feel old. Mostly you just feel the same, but say, "Oh my goodness! Look at the grey hair! Look at the wrinkles! What's up with that?"

Glad you had a happy birthday!

Kim said...

I love the pirate ship cupcakes, we are making them for my 7 year old's birthday party right now! So fun, thanks for sharing the awesome idea!

Jeanie Nelson said...

Can I share the pirate cupcakes on my blog? You're going to say, "Yes."