Cherry & Almond Cupcakes

Michael is utterly obsessed with birthdays, and is about as anxious for my birthday as I am. I told him a few days ago that my birthday was in 5 days, and he's been so kind as to remind me every morning how many more days I have to wait. This morning he pulled out his pom-pom jar and requested another jar to play with. Then he said, "I have 2 jars just like you have 2 more days [until your birthday]!" I was impressed with his object lesson.

I woke up this morning with cupcakes on my mind. I am having a girl's night tonight, and that's motivation enough to get some baking jitters out and then share the sweetness so I don't overstuff myself (well, that was the plan at least--I've already eaten 4).

Using my favorite Theo bar, Cherry & Almond, as inspiration I whipped up a white cake mixed with finely chopped almonds, diced cherries, almond & vanilla extract, and a healthy handful of chocolate chips. The cupcakes were most delicious warm (because I couldn't wait) although I feel they borderline a muffin. But because I slathered them with cherry cream cheese frosting, they are worthy of Cupcake status.

Happy birthday to me (in 2 days, of course).


Dorothy said...

Your add-ins sound scrumptious; great idea. Happy Birthday in two days. Please give that smart son of yours a hug and kiss from me.

Mallory said...

It is almost your birthday yipee!

Lisa said...

Your cupcakes look super delicious! Do you have big plans for your birthday yet?