That's what he said. Really.

My dear son cracks me up. He keeps saying the most hilarious and unexpected things. This is just an attempt to remember some of these things, because I forget so quickly.

Just barely he announced, "Mommy, I need another birthday, because I lost my birthday."
He has starting adding the phrase "dot-com" after he says things. "I want some tomatoes.com"
This morning, Michael told me that his tummy hurt "because it's hungry. I need a carrot. And tomatoes."

"For breakfast?"

"Yah." Okay.
At dinner, Michael sat inappropriately on his chair (in a defiant act not to eat his meal) and ended up getting his arm stuck between the bars on the back of the chair. He started screaming and yanking at it. We finally got him free, comforted him, and gave him kisses. After all was said and done, he perked up and asked, "Did you get a video of that?"
Michael bit his tongue. Came up to me, pointing to the inside of his mouth. "Mommy, I got hurt. Will you kiss it?" Then he stuck out his tongue. (no, I didn't)
His newest response to things: "I do. But, I don't." or "I can. But, I can't." "I will. But, I won't." You get the idea.
We went to a park yesterday, and there were two bouncy houses set up. Michael acted like he wanted to go in (mostly because all his other friends were getting stamps on their hands and were really planning on going in). So, I paid the $2 for Michael, and of course he was too scared to go in. He would sit anxiously by the bouncy house while his friend Mason was inside. Finally, he came over to me and said, "Mommy I need help." I thought he wanted help getting in, but he threw a little fit when I tried to put him inside.

"No Mom! I need help! I need you to help me get Mason out."

He eventually did go in, after most of the crowd left and it was just him and Mason in the house.
My two dollars at work.


Mallory said...

I like the I need to have help getting Mason out. Ahhh I love hearing fun little saying from other kids it is priceless!

Lisa said...

I need more michael.com!