Capn Crunch and Froooot Looops

It's 10:20pm. And I'm eating a bowl of super sugary sweet cereal. Yum. I got it for a decent price today, as well as other spectacular deals at the grocery store (my favorite place to be!). I have ringed in a tight-knit group of couponing friends, and sometimes that's all we talk about and it's totally cool with me. Hahaha.

The other day at Rite Aid, Michael spotted a box of Froot Loops. He was very persuasive as he whined and begged for them, "Mommy! I just want a box of Froooooooot Looooops." He really held out the "O" and it was adorable. And being adorable is just about the best reason to let people buy you things. But, I didn't. Instead I offered a plan.

I said, "How about we make you a sticker chart. And every time you do the dishes (aka-empty the silverware) you can get a sticker on your chart. Then, when your sticker chart is all the way full, we'll buy you a box of Froot Loops."

I don't think he really got it. In fact, I think the only words he selectively heard were "Froot Loops AND stickers" because he got really excited and wouldn't stop talking about the two things. But, then we walked out of the store with neither.

When we got home, I made a quick chart for him; purple, crooked, and just six squares. I coached him in starting the dishes, and then I rewarded him with a sticker afterwards. As luck would have it, I was able to do another load of dishes, and he got another sticker later that evening. He was starting to understand the concept.

Well, this morning, I stole a glance at the chart and noticed another sticker (with a corner ripped off) on the chart. Yet no dishes had been done.

Michael proudly admitted he had done it. But, then threw a fit when I asked him to empty the silverware to make up for it. I'll deal with that battle tomorrow.

As for today, it turned out to be a fabulous day. I love the sun. I went on two walks. Michael played with two different friends and got along well with both of them. I curled my hair. Talked with Aunt Lisa. Richard made dinner and Michael ate all his food. (Maybe Richard should always cook). And, I found a penny bringing my total to 66cents for the year.


Myrna said...

I was just wishing for a "like" button, when I noticed the reaction possibilities! :o)

Mallory said...

I hope he empties the silverware so that he can have froootlooopppssss. I remember last year when I bought like 6 boxes of fruit loops because they were like 10 cents a box. Ahh couponing it is wonderful!

Lisa said...

I love sticker charts! Katie and I have agreed that you can motivate people at almost any age with them, cuz stickers are awesome! I love that he got excited when you mentioned stickers at the store! And how funny that he decided to move the process along by adding his own sticker to the chart without doing the dishes. That's the fun and funny part about kids! It's so great that you write about really specific things and your take on them. Besides, it almost always makes me laugh!
Michael will be a mover and shaker in this world, you can already tell, he wants to make things happen!