I love dreams. I love going to sleep--because I can dream. The worst kind of dream is when I am at work, doing my job just to wake up to my alarm clock and go to work in reality. Why? I was just there! Here's a previous post of a dream I had a month before giving birth to Michael.

This post was inspired because I was reading a few journal entries I tried keeping of my dreams. The time period for these dreams was during my first year in college, with roommates, boys, and school. You know the drill.

It's hard to write down dreams, because I only remember so much, and to put it in words can even be more difficult. But, in case you are interested, here's my dream as recorded on the night of November 8, 2005.

I was at Brian's apartment watching a movie. Our hands touched as we held them for less than a second and then I had to pull my hand away. Then I was back at home. I was going to Chelsie Hansen's house. I was running funny and then I saw Steve L and his family come out of their house. I jumped on a roof to hide. I just laid flat, and Br. L saw me and everyone crowded around. Eventually I got down. Steve had just gotten a divorce and we began walking and talking about it. We ended back up at Beehive Manor (my college apt at the time) on the 3rd floor. Esme (former roomate) was with us now and was asking people if their toilets were working. 308's wasn't working. So, we spent the rest of the time there fixing it.

I just loved the randomness, and as I reread it, I could actually recall the hiding out on the roof part of that dream. I'll bet there is no way in a million years I would've remembered a bit of that dream, without writing it down.

How about the night of November 13, 2005. This one was apparently too much, I couldn't even finish writing about it.

Trent's car was stolen and was parked in Beehive parking lot and was now being towed away. He was really frustrated. And there were two dolphins in my dream. I was in the kitchen and they were there too swimming around. They were almost miniature size. I took two spoons out and we were doing tricks with them. Almost too confusing to write about. The end.

What is one of your most recent/memorable dreams? I want to read all about them!

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Shaillé said...

I can't think of a recent dream at the moment, but just wanted to say I think it's great to write things down. One of my goals this year was to keep a daily journal. Anyway, keep recording those dreams, hehe... ;)