Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas day in Utah this year. We drove. We made it. But, I did tell my mom, "I don't think we'll be making this trip again in the winter time." Nevertheless, it was a good trip. Here are a few more belated Christmas pictures. Growing up, my family always had a manger set as our "Christmas tree." My dad built it for my mom when they were first married, and we've always placed our gifts beneath it. It is a home tradition that I adore. My brother got a drum set. Very cool, although I never heard him play it once.

I was teasing my sister for eating broccoli for breakfast, but then we found Michael in there eating it with her. Whatever gets the good stuff inside of you, right?

We gave Philip our Wii for Christmas. I loved snapping pictures of all his expressions as he opened it--he wasn't sure if we were pulling his leg or not.
I kept offering to wrap gifts for anyone who needed gift wrapping. My mom kept saying how great it was to have someone to wrap the gifts for her. So, I took the liberty of wrapping up many things on her desk. How many can you find? And what do you think is inside?We also spent part of our Christmas afternoon at the Heisses for lunch, and opening a few more gifts.
Our Christmas activities seemed rather extended this year. The day after coming back to Washington, we opened the gifts under our tree. Because Richard was sleeping, I told Michael to bring the presents into our bed, because I was anxious to get them open.
I made this building blocks for Michael. First, the blocks came much smaller than I expected, but that's my bad because I asked for the wrong size. So, my original plan didn't really work as I had planned (making it a building puzzle). So, instead, I took some of my favorite scrapbook papers and created a collage of sorts, with one side spelling Michael's name. They're cute. I think I want to retry the original idea again, however.
The next weekend, we went up north to the Schenk's, for dinner, games, and more presents! Sweet surprise. And, then the next weekend, Jared brought up some gifts from his family for us. Here's Michael playing with the super deluxe airport set that they gave him. Three weekends of presents. Wow!So, I guess I can say the Christmas season is now officially over for us. Thanks to everyone for the good times, gifts & memories.


Suzy said...

Haha, what makes me laugh is that in the pictures of Phil- he gets more and more excited, but Richard seems to get grumpier with each one. And, as always, I love the pictures of Michael. The ones where he's on your lap and in the stocking are priceless

Rochelle said...

So fun! I made some blocks like that for Paden with his name...he loved them - so much he destroyed it and took the felt off. I should have made mine more toddler proof! LOL

Lisa said...

Ok, but the question I forgot to ask you is did you guys camp out in the back yard before Christmas?

Meaghan said...

What a fun Christmas and ADORABLE blocks! What a great idea. Also I looked up that book "Not A Box" it looks so cute! I will have to get it sometime for Max.