Lotsa Babies!

It's 3:30 in the morning now, and I just woke up from a crazy dream and now can't sleep. So I decided that I would grab a muffin and write down my dream for all to hear about.

I was in my bathroom at home and was all of the sudden in labor. I called for Richard, and he came in and started delivering. A doctor magically appeared too, to help out. Well, out comes a healthy baby boy! But then the doctor tells me there are more! I give birth to another baby boy. Then two more baby boys come out, but they were very small and died. And then one more baby boy followed after them. I was so shocked, and happy! But I did wonder how the doctors didn't catch it before that there were 5 babies inside of me.

Then the doctor disappeared, and I just held all three of my boys. The best part was they were already clean, and labor didn't hurt me one bit. So, I wrapped them up in a towel and brought them into my bedroom laying them side by side on my bed. I smiled, and introduced myself to them. At this time, Richard was still in the bathroom calling my cousin's fiance's mom (strange) to let her know we had our babies. I decided to diaper my children, but the newborn diapers were awfully big for them, but I did the best I could. Then it hit me when I was doing that, that I didn't have any names for two of the boys. I ran into the bathrrom and asked Richard if we could name one of them "Jesse" but he quickly refused, but didn't have any name ideas. I told him that we had to come up with names before I would call my mom, and that I wanted to call my mom soon. He told me I could name them, he just had to agree on the names.

So, I pulled out the name list that I've mentally carried with me my whole life and picked the first two boy names on the list: Conner James, and Kristopher, and then of course, the oldest boy's name was Douglas Michael. Richard agreed to my choice of names, and I picked up the phone. Although it was 3:27 am in my dream, my Mom answered her phone immediately with a happy voice. She had just gotten home from a meeting. (Those lawyers meet at strange times). I told her that on Sunday she could announce to the Relief Society that she was no longer a grandma of 1 grandson, but of 4! And then I started crying, because I realized that I didn't have three cribs, or three strollers, or three of anything. I still don't have 1 of everything yet! And, scariest of all, how was I going to take care of them, move to Seattle with all three of them, or get any sleep! And apparantly the sleep part is still an issue, because here I am! I'm still awake and writing a blog post. Someone should advise me to go to bed and get some sleep while I still can.

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Hosander said...

yikes. but maybe you'll end up having 3 boys (but two miscarriages) total.
I liked your name ideas.

Baby dreams are scary. I always dream that I forget about the baby for days on end.