I finally caught it on camera

The Little Boy Smiles


A 63 Dollar Bus Ride

It's almost impossible to park somewhere in downtown Seattle without having to pay for your spot. Richard decided to take the much smarter transportation alternative since he'll be going there everyday--he bought a bus pass! This morning, he had to go to the new student orientation, so he collected his wallet, keys, and new pass-gave us a kiss goodbye and headed out the door.
The bus pulled up, Richard hopped on, holding his monthly bus pass in his hand, trying to find where to swipe it. Right in front of him was a box with a little slit in it, a perfect fit for his pass. So he put his pass up to it, only to have the card sucked right out of his fingers and deposited into the box where all the cash goes.
All the bus driver said was, "Um, no, that wasn't right."

It's been a long time since Richard's been on a bus-and Swedish busses must operate differently too. We can only hope on Monday, that the bus station will have saved his card, awaiting the call from the goofy guy who didn't know what he was doing.  Otherwise, I hope this bus ride was all that my husband had dreamed of, because I sure don't know of anyone else who would pay $63 for a twenty minute bus ride to downtown.  


Growing Up!

I'm on a roll. I just keep thinking of things I want to add to the blog! :)
Remember the pictures I first added of Michael? Well look at how he measures up now! These pics were taken when he was three weeks old. Although he's still little, he isn't SO little anymore.

I just put this picture in because I like the people in it.

And finally, I will add a small story of Richard. I'll title it, "Chair-less in Seattle"
Once upon a time, we left our kitchen/desk chair in Utah, finding ourselves without one here (except for our lovely orange rocking chairs!) However, Richard didn't want to use the orange chairs at the desk for some reason-so he looked for an alternative.

The End

Cousins Galore

Announcing the arrival of Michelle and Hiram's new baby girl. Because of lack of name, (at least I haven't heard any yet) we shall refer to her as Baby Briggs. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it now? I am sure she is a little cutie. I can't wait to see her. After years of putting it on my Christmas list, I finally have a niece!

We have added 6 new people to the Gillespie family in the last 2 years. Crazy, eh? Here are a few of the pictures of Adam and Michael we took when Adam came down for a visit.

Adam is such a bouncy, smiley baby.

Baby Michael is doing, what we like to call, his Superman pose

A New Toy

I (and Michael) were surprised with a gift from the Mahelona's when we arrived to our new apartment. It is a musical jungle baby swing. I was especially excited because it was the exact swing I had been looking at since I found out I was pregnant!

It was the first thing I set up. I don't think Michael is used to so many senses being stimulated at once, with the swinging, the music, and all the bright colors--the first time I set him in the seat, he wouldn't stop flailing his arms and legs. He seems to like it just fine, now, especially staring at the colorful Toucan that swings above him. Hmm, I wonder if that has something to do with me eating Froot Loops the day before his birth.

Baby Blessing

We decided to bless Michael at home, the Sunday before Richard left to Seattle. We dressed Michael in the blessing outfit that Uncle Willie wore-my mom made it. He was a stud. It was a special day.


Seattle-Here we are!

Our apartment is nice and spacious. Richard did a good job. We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us get moved here and in, apartment searching, driving, packing, and then unpacking, babysitting, and filling our cupboards. We're glad to be here.
I'll post some pictures of our apartment soon.


Seattle-here we come!

Well, my dad and Richard drove out to Seattle yesterday with the moving truck, and now Richard is currently in the process of finding a place for us to live! We are excited that this move is finally happening!

Little baby Michael is growing so quickly. I have many more pictures to add of him. Steven and Jodie came down for a visit last week, and of course brought cousin Adam. Steven wanted Adam and Michael to have a wrestling match just to prove who would win! Hmm, I wonder??? We'll wait a couple of years and try again. :) I'll have to add pictures later--this computer is having issues.

Pretty soon Adam and Michael will have another cousin. Michelle is expecting a girl-due April 2!! We're excited for her to arrive!


Bath Time

He smells so good after bath time. On a different topic, we went to the pediatrician today and Michael weighs 8lbs 8oz now, and has grown two inches since birth. He's growing up so fast. :)