Growing Up!

I'm on a roll. I just keep thinking of things I want to add to the blog! :)
Remember the pictures I first added of Michael? Well look at how he measures up now! These pics were taken when he was three weeks old. Although he's still little, he isn't SO little anymore.

I just put this picture in because I like the people in it.

And finally, I will add a small story of Richard. I'll title it, "Chair-less in Seattle"
Once upon a time, we left our kitchen/desk chair in Utah, finding ourselves without one here (except for our lovely orange rocking chairs!) However, Richard didn't want to use the orange chairs at the desk for some reason-so he looked for an alternative.

The End


Dorothy said...

Cute pix! I found your chair.

Suzy said...

La! So funny!

Richard said...

His box didn't survive. It's squished now. What to do? I'm a penny pincher and don't want to buy a new chair!

Richard said...

Oh, diana left these comments by the way. Lol

JohnG said...

Lucky that you are skinny, otherwise you box would have been smashed the first time. Here are some suggestions 1) I know where some cinder blocks are. 2) Get a big rock. 3) Lots of stumps in Washington. 4) Steal Michael's swing/carseat, he would share.

I am sure that you guys will find something - the Lord will provide.