A New Toy

I (and Michael) were surprised with a gift from the Mahelona's when we arrived to our new apartment. It is a musical jungle baby swing. I was especially excited because it was the exact swing I had been looking at since I found out I was pregnant!

It was the first thing I set up. I don't think Michael is used to so many senses being stimulated at once, with the swinging, the music, and all the bright colors--the first time I set him in the seat, he wouldn't stop flailing his arms and legs. He seems to like it just fine, now, especially staring at the colorful Toucan that swings above him. Hmm, I wonder if that has something to do with me eating Froot Loops the day before his birth.

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JohnG said...

That is a wonderful gift and some great pictures - he looks very happy in his new swing, what a great blessing.