Seattle-here we come!

Well, my dad and Richard drove out to Seattle yesterday with the moving truck, and now Richard is currently in the process of finding a place for us to live! We are excited that this move is finally happening!

Little baby Michael is growing so quickly. I have many more pictures to add of him. Steven and Jodie came down for a visit last week, and of course brought cousin Adam. Steven wanted Adam and Michael to have a wrestling match just to prove who would win! Hmm, I wonder??? We'll wait a couple of years and try again. :) I'll have to add pictures later--this computer is having issues.

Pretty soon Adam and Michael will have another cousin. Michelle is expecting a girl-due April 2!! We're excited for her to arrive!

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Brock said...

It will be cool to see you guys up here. We will have to eat fish and chips on the beach sometime.