A 63 Dollar Bus Ride

It's almost impossible to park somewhere in downtown Seattle without having to pay for your spot. Richard decided to take the much smarter transportation alternative since he'll be going there everyday--he bought a bus pass! This morning, he had to go to the new student orientation, so he collected his wallet, keys, and new pass-gave us a kiss goodbye and headed out the door.
The bus pulled up, Richard hopped on, holding his monthly bus pass in his hand, trying to find where to swipe it. Right in front of him was a box with a little slit in it, a perfect fit for his pass. So he put his pass up to it, only to have the card sucked right out of his fingers and deposited into the box where all the cash goes.
All the bus driver said was, "Um, no, that wasn't right."

It's been a long time since Richard's been on a bus-and Swedish busses must operate differently too. We can only hope on Monday, that the bus station will have saved his card, awaiting the call from the goofy guy who didn't know what he was doing.  Otherwise, I hope this bus ride was all that my husband had dreamed of, because I sure don't know of anyone else who would pay $63 for a twenty minute bus ride to downtown.  


Nancy Heiss said...

This. was. hilarious. I laughed so hard!

JohnG said...

Well written - I hope you tell us the rest of the story.
At one time had the $27 penny. It was when the fuse on the car keep blowing, so I took it to the shop and they found the penny in the cigarette lighter hole. That was an expensive penny!
Hope, you get the pass back and that it doesn't cost you $63 of trouble.

Layla said...

That sounds exactly like something Brock would do! Thanks for coming over last night. I had tons of fun.