What the Deal?

Didn't you just love General Conference? It's so great that we are able to watch it over the Internet in our own homes as well. I don't know why this conference seemed so different to me, but it just did. I absolutely loved all the talks. Of course, I still have to watch the second session of it, because I was working then. 

Yesterday, between sessions, we went to an indoor "yard" sale. It was full of baby/kids stuff. I believe all money raised was going to a family operated preschool.  We got there at 11.50 and were informed that at 12 everything was going to be 1/2 off. During that ten minutes, we had our eyes on a convertible car seat. This was the main reason we went to the sale, in hopes to find one. Richard thoroughly looked it over, played with all the seatbelts, gadgets, buckles and determined it was good. The best part about it---WE GOT IT FOR ONLY $20.00! Then, we headed into the main room where we also found a baby bjorn ($2.50), a bag of toys ($1.00), and a shape sorter toy ($1.50). Do the math-we got some great deals. 

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The Wendler Family said...

I loved conference too!! The church is true!!

I can't believe it! What great deals! I am shocked that you got a bjorn for only $2.50!!!! That is plain incredable!! I love mine and I hope you love yours! Sooo handy to have. Amelia loves her shape sorter toy. I'm sure in time, Michael will love his!

I wish there were good yeard sales like that here in UTah. Everything is so picked over when it comes to baby things.. Go figure. :)