the IRONY of it all

I love birthdays. As a result, I've been making mental preparations for Richard's birthdayThe presents, the cake, the party, the excitement, the spoiling...the whole shebang.  Safeway was having a promotional buy for the DVD, Ironman. If I bought $40 in participating home care products, I could get the Ironman dvd for free. Well, luckily I needed paper towels, dish soap, and ziploc bags, etc..., and I knew Richard liked the movie, so I knew this was just the deal for me. 

Last night, I brought home the dvd and scouted out a hiding spot. Afterall, this gift has to stay hidden for over one month. There is a bag that sits on a lower shelf of a table beneath our bed. Although most of the items that belong in the bag are next to it, or in our livingroom, I decided still that this would be the perfect spot-(especially considering that neither of us have touched it in the last 2 months!) 

This morning, Richard started designating spots for all of his art and school work in our apartment. His organizing carried into our bedroom, where he decided to be a kind husband and help clean up. He cleaned off the top of the table, and looked beneath and said, "While I'm at it, I might as well put this machinery back into it's bag." Lo and behold, as he reached in he found the DVD! Of course, he tried to keep it secret from me that he knew.

Isn't that so ironic?

And then, of course, since I had NO idea, but was yet so secretly excited that I'd already started preparing for his birthday--during dinner I said, "So, are you so excited for your birthday?" 

And then the truth came out. My gift wasn't even hidden for more than 24 hours. He is now trying to prove that he shouldn't have to clean anymore, because it will just ruin surprises.

(And by the way--Happy Birthday Willie)


The Wendler Family said...

Man. What a bummer. I hate when things like that happen! You are such a sweet wife to be planning so carefully ahead of time!
Don't let him fool you, he still needs to help clean, he just needs to stay away from your hidding spots!
I love birthday's too. :) I guess Tim's family wasn't so big on birthdays cause they don't seem to be as big a deal to him. I hope the rest of the planning goes over more smoothly.

Anna said...

ha ha. that's all i gotta say, ha ha. good for richard! good show, too!

Shaillé said...

Haha, Casey can never keep surprises from me either. Sorry I shouldn't laugh though because it's frustrating for you. ;)

For our anniversary recently I had my gift for him a while ahead of time so I pre-wrapped it in a box and wrote "Casey, do not open" all over it. Maybe you can try something like that next time. ;)