What is our world coming to?

I pulled this from a ward member's blog. It left me absolutely speechless! What do you think?

"So tonight we were filling out forms for an upcoming Speech Assessment and got a kick out of one of the questions:

2. What is your gender? (Normally you'd think there would only be 2 choices...oh no.)

a. Female
b. Male
c. Transgender (wait, it gets better)
d. Other (uhhh...what exactly does this mean?)
e. Unknown

Wow, and we wonder why kids are so messed up these days? Yikes!"


Hosander said...

I had a professor at UVSC who swore she had a chart listing at least 17 different genders. We didn't ask.

Thaddeus said...

Gender is defined as whichever sex you choose to live as. Sex is defined by your chromosomes. So you can have as many different 'genders' as there are people.

Gender is going the way of rock and roll. Used to be that "Rock and Roll" meant something, but now not even "alternative rock" means anything.

Michelle G. said...

Hey! I have been wanting to come leave you a message forever - thanks for the memory you left on my blog - you totally made me laugh! I'm glad we found your blog, now we can keep in touch!