Dining Room

I just wanted to show you a picture of our "new and improved" dining room area. If you remember--this was the first picture I showed you on our blog. It was from when we first moved in as you can tell by the pile of boxes in the corner. We finally got rid of those a couple of months ago.

Later we bought a table and chairs off Craigslist, along with the High chair, and finally an area rug to keep the carpet clean(er) when baby begins eating.
I like our "new" room.

Looks much better, huh?


Layla said...

Love it!

RORYJEAN said...

Looks cute- isn't Craigslist the best?

Autumn said...

That looks amazing! I'm so jealous, I wish our apartment would look so good. I like the table, especially your decoration in the vase on it. I'm trying to downsize cause we have so much crap and it's taking forever!

As for the fans in our apartment...it's been so hot, we've had three going constantly in each room and our window ac going constantly in my room. It's made it bearable, but alas our electricity bill is 126 dollars. Ouch!

As for Lela, she loves her sippy cup. It took me sucking out of it a few times to get the taste in the end, but she finally got it. We give her her juice in it, or water. The only thing she gets in a bottle is her formula at morning and night.

I miss you guys so much! I want to see more of Richards work please.

The Wendler Family said...

Diana, it looks amazing! I am so proud- you're clean and all decorative. Way to go! I wish I could decorate and make things look all cute and stuff in my house. For now, I'll just look at your NEW room and wish I was there.

robinly said...

I don't know Di, I kinda liked the before picture better...I'm just kidding! It looks amazing. I love the table a lot! Way to be.