Doug in Reverse

I was organizing baby's room, and found a little beanie. Michael didn't like it being on his head. He couldn't keep his hands off it. 

He's a rolly-polly boy, and is starting to crawl...backwards. He hasn't got the forward motion figured out yet.

So I totally uploaded the "wrong" video. I meant to upload a different one. I'll do it later. We're going to the docs. Bye


The Wendler Family said...

lol crawling is tricky! He'll get the hang of the forward crawling soon enough! Amelia would just spin herself in circles with her elbows, like an adaptive army crawl. It may take awhile. :) enjoy the peace while it lasts! Once he has the forward crawl down, your in for some excitement!

katyapetrovna said...

about the georgian conflict - the troups were coming from and through our city towards georgian border, we could see them go for a about 2 days.

i watched olympics and didn't really like the way chinese referees behaved. it seemed like it was already planned before.

come visit our blogspot - we update it every day - not like my own blogspot. but sorry, it's all in russian. :)

i love the pics of your baby. he has your smile!


katyapetrovna :P