Pessimist: Saturdays can be So lame in the Anderson Household. We don't really do much.
Optimist: But, then we went to Puyallup to play with Jessie and Ryan.
Pessimist: We were going to pick up some pizza from Costco, but they were closed (by 7)
Optimist: We went to Safeway and got some instead.
Pessimist: It didn't taste as good.
Optimist: But we had yummy raspberry lemonade.
Pessimist: Dinner was over. (Okay, I just had to think of something to put here.)
Optimist: We decided to play a game--The Bean Game aka, Bohnanza
Pessimist: Richard wouldn't trade with me.
Optimist: Jessie would.
Pessimist: I began to get too competitive and grumpy.
Optimist: Ryan pulled out some Tillamook ice cream.
Pessimist: I lost the game--badly.
Optimist: It was finally over.
Pessimist: Saturdays can be so lame sometimes.
Optimist: But, overall it was really fun.

Anyway--that was me yesterday. I was happy, mean, kind, grumpy, fun, rude.
Sorry, Jessie and Ryan, that I got so grumpy. I think I should just be like my dad and just not play games anymore.
But they are so much fun...

..when I win.


The Wendler Family said...

that is too funny! Love your creativity in the post. Saturdays can be fun, can't they! I'm sure you weren't that grumpy. :)

Anna said...

you really are creative in your blog! you always have been a very eloquent writer. i admire that in you!