Happy Bathing Baby

I have tried very hard to keep Michael on a regular schedule since he was about 2-3 weeks old. This consisted of feeding him every 2.5 hours, but also trying to not allow him to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time. Being on a schedule has worked well, and made things much more predictable, and I felt I could plan my daily activities accordingly.
Anyway, this week I have just been off schedule. I feed him when I think he might be hungry. I've stopped looking at the clock, and so I don't know how much time he's going between sleep. I just start to rock him when I sense he's getting tired. To be honest, I like him being on a schedule much more. He seems much happier. But I don't know...because he's also been sleeping through the entire night these past few days. Last night was wonderful. He slept from about 10-9am! I was even awake before him feeling very well rested.

So, I don't really know why I feel so inclined to tell everyone about our schedule. But, I just am...

We call this his "Supermodel Pose"--of course, he's missing the six pack, but that doesn't mean he lacks those ab muscles! 
Bath time is a fun time. Michael loves taking baths. He's started kicking, splashing, and smiling. The other day I put him in the water, and at first he held very, very still.
"Michael!" I said, "You're in the tub. Why aren't you splashing tonight? Are you tired?"
Michael just stared at me of course, arms above his head. Then, he hit one of his arms into the water, splashing some water onto his face. At that moment, he got this large smile on his face and began kicking and splashing.

What an adorable baby.


The Wendler Family said...

I know what you mean with the schedule. I'm glad it has worked for you up to last week! Babies really do thrive with lots of sleep. With him sleeping through the night now, you'll just establish a new schedule. It will be ok. And I'm glad he likes bath time! I love the model pose. :)

Anna said...

ha ha he's getting so cute! love the pics and the splashing video!

Hosander said...

Our schedule has changed randomly from every three hours back to every 2 hours like when she was a newborn. It's nice for her but it's pretty taxing for me. Maybe if I keep her from napping, she'll sleep more at night...