We like Mike

We actually don't call him Mike. It's kinda weird to write that, but Mike rhymes much better with 'like'. I guess I could've typed, "We Like-el Michael" but that is just too silly....and same with some of these pictures.

This is actually a boring video clip. Michael is just learning to interact more with things around him.

I pulled out a box of new, bigger clothes for Michael to start wearing. This overall, train outfit came with a hat to complete the outfit. The pictures show it all.

The blanket seems a little long for him, don't ya think?

This is Mommy holding Baby after he filled up his diaper, and then some.

Michael has developed a new sleeping style. When I lay him down to sleep at night, he'll just wiggle and squirm (getting comfortable I guess) and his hands will keep hitting his face. Eventually, he'll settle down, but his hand will remain over his face. I guess its soothing to him. :)

I couldn't pass up taking a picture of this. I was getting Michael ready for his bath. I laid him on the rug, while I was getting something off the counter when out of nowhere, he just started crying super loudly. His face is adorably frightening and unforgettable.


The Wendler Family said...

Maybe he noticed he was alone and cold... Oh the horror! Ok, so that train outfit is about the cutest thing EVER! I can't get over how cute your little boy is! :) this was a nice post.

Shaillé said...

Great pics! He looks really cute in that train outfit. :)

The Wendler Family said...

I'm not sure how she learned to do it. It just kinda happened. A few weeks ago I was hearing a little snapping noise and looked at her fingers. She was snapping! Obviously the sound isn't that loud, but it sure is cute! She will do it great for mom and dad, but when we want her to show a large group of people, she doesn't always do well under the pressure.

Nancy Heiss said...

I likel Michael, too!