Take me out to the ball game!

Willie's friend, Jeanna, gave me two tickets to the Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox game. (thanks so much Jeanna) I was really happy to be able to go and have a girl's night out with Cousin Jessie! Richard was kind enough to give up his ticket for her. :) 
The Mariners have had a losing streak. They've lost 7 games in a row! So, I didn't have much hope for a win.

 There were SOO many people in the stadium, and sadly almost half of them were Red Sox Fans. Mariner fans were competing to yell louder than the Sox Fans. (I screamed for the Mariners--and my voice is hoarse now because of it!)
It all came down to the last inning. Mariners are up. The score is 3-3. One man on third, and on first, and there are two outs. But then........dun dun dun, the batter hits the ball, just perfectly down the field, and the Mariners score!!! It was amazing. Baseball can be fun. 

The Mariners all huddling together after their win!

Oh, and of course, during the innings Jessie and I would be telling random stories to each other from natural disasters to high school (wait, don't those two topics correlate?) Anyway, the guy sitting in front of us turned around and asked us, "Hey, do you girls know what the score is?" We both gave him a dumb look like, "Duh, of course we do, and...can't you see the bright numbers flashing with the score right ahead of you, dude?" (Of course we didn't actually say that)
 Then he continued, "Oh, I thought you two were the same two girls who were sitting behind me last game. They just kept talking and talking, and when I turned around and asked them that question, they said they didn't know."   Alrighty then.... 


Jeanna said...

I'm so glad that you were able to go to the ball game and use the tickets. It looks like a really fun time. Hopefully, when I am finally able to make it to Seattle, I will be able to catch a game.

Jeanna said...

So sorry if I seemed a bit blog-stalkerish....Willie sent me the link to your blog, so I thought I'd leave a note. I know I'm funny- I think I am going to post a few pictures and then I just can't leave any out and my few pics end up being a mile long. :-)
PS. I really like your blog. Your baby is very, very cute.

Anna said...

i've never been to a baseball game that wasn' a high school game or one of my bros little league games. but i have tickets to go to a texas rangers game in a couple of weeks when i go out to dallas. i hear the hot dogs are great! looks like you had fun - makes me a little more excited to go see the rangers!

The Wendler Family said...

I never liked base ball till Tim explained the game to me our fist year of being married. We got kind of into watching it. Now I can handle watching a game on TV. I've never acctually been to a base ball game... Oh no wait, I went to one at BYU and stayed for all of 10 minutes... does that count? Girls nights are soo great! I'm glad you had a fab time!

Diana said...

Baseball isn't my favorite sport either, but I like going to games. But, even being at the game I think can be boring, depending on how the game goes. But this one was so close the whole time...so it was exciting.