Singing, "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home"

Of course, he has to goof off when he sings it too.
His goofing off reminds me of primary when I would sing "Follow the Prophet" with my friend, Katelyn. During the verse about Enoch it says, "People in his city did just what they should." My mom was the singing leader at the time and as part of her visual reminders of the words, the city was represented by a picture of the Seattle Space Needle. So, instead of singing the correct lyrics, my friend and I would obnoxiously belt out, "People IN SEATTLE did just what the should."

I love my random Seattle memories. Like I even knew what I was talking about. :-)


Katharine said...

I still sing "Follow the Prophet" that way!!

Katie said...

Eleanor says "huhuhu...mom."

Lisa said...

If only people in Seattle would listen to you now! Ha ha! That was probably sending subliminal messages to your mind and preparing you for your big move! Think how much you have liked it here! That's funny!

D said...

It was my own fault you switched the words to that line. I used a graphic of the skyline of Seattle for my "city" picture on my little poster. At least everyone sang that line very well!