Michael Stories

Yesterday during the dinner prayer, Michael said, "Bless Mom not to put soap in my mouth tomorrow or that it will taste good, if I say bad words."

I have never actually put soap in his mouth, and have only used that threat once in his entire life.

He told us he was just preparing because he had a feeling he was going to get angry at me tomorrow, and say a bad word.

I heard Michael in the carseat.....what's the word?......salivating/making spit and then doing that annoying sucking sound to keep the spit in. (How would you explain it?)

After hearing it over and over, I asked "What are you doing?"

Michael replied, "I'm thirsty, so I'm drinking my spit!"

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Lisa said...

Eric and I laughed pretty good at that prayer, especially that it would taste good. That kid of yours cracks me up!