All-Growed Up

Guess who started preschool this week?
And he came home with an expanded vocab after his first day. "Mom, did you know I rode an excavator at school today?"

Excavator. He said it as clear as a bell. I'm thinking he's referring to one of those little playground toys where you use two handles and dig the dirt....? In any case, I was astounded that a word with that many syllables came out of his mouth.

And then I just stared at him all throughout dinner. And he made silly faces, and told stories that made sense, and he was just holding conversation with us. And I began to see the toddler years quickly moving to the past. *Sigh*

Okay, I'll stop before you start crying.

On a different note, I had a dream last night that my dear mother gave birth to a little girl. She didn't tell anybody until she actually had the baby, and we were all definitely surprised. You'll be surprised to know this wasn't the first time I've had a dream about my own mother giving birth. The first time was when I was in college. In that dream, my mom told me at a party that she had just given birth to a baby boy. And then as our conversation went on, she revealed that the baby wasn't actually hers, it was mine, and his name was Douglas. Dreams are so weird, right? But I held Douglas and then I woke up.

And it only gets cheesier from here.

All day long I thought of that dream, and somewhere on campus, it clicked "Douglas is Richard's middle name!" At the time, I had a wild crush on Richard, but he had yet to acknowledge my existence (in other words, he was dating another girl), but I told myself, if I ever marry Richard I'm going to name our first boy, "Douglas". And guess what, I did both: marry Richard and name my first born, Douglas. But we call him Michael, because Richard likes that name better. Haha, the story behind a name.

And now our little Douglas Michael is all growed up. (Hold back those tears. Growing up happens to all of us at some point). Secretly, I'm hoping this dream I had last night was a foreshadowing of a baby girl to come. Wouldn't that be nice.

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Lisa said...

Oh, that would be wonderful! I'm always impressed with people who have dreams with a meaning. It's so cool!
I bet Michael just loves preschool, and learning new words and things.