Goodbye "Ciatill"

On June 1, 1997 I wrote about my friend Sarah's baptism. I ended the entry by writing, "...at 4:00 on the same day she and her family went on a vacation to Ciatill somewhere in Washington."

I absolutely love this entry. I love being able to interpret amidst my wretched cursive and little emotion, that I had absolutely no clue where my friend was going and just wanted her to come home. I remember her describing the Space Needle to me, and I, well I just gave her a blank stare.

But when I read my journal now, I think about how lucky she was to go on vacation to Seattle!

I am full of so much emotion today. I just got home from church--my last day in this wonderful ward where I have made so many friends. When I think about why I love Seattle so much, the number one reason has to be because of my friends. I have some really fantastic friends--but then again, who wouldn't say that about their friends?

I also love the majesty of living in a big city. There is something brilliantly alluring about sitting in a lot of traffic. Okay, okay not so much. But, really I don't mind how busy and large everything is. It's absolutely breathtaking driving into the city at night, and seeing all the speckled lights on the tall buildings. Seriously, the first time I was driving home on the freeway at night, I just wanted to pull over and stare. I loved inviting visitors to go to Pikes Place Market and to do downtown shopping. I like driving past the Space Needle and reminding Michael that it can't fly. I love that Seattle will be the first place he will remember as home.

I remember the day when I discovered there was a beach just a few miles away. And then another, and another. Hello! I loved being in walking distance to multiple parks and meeting other moms there. I like how every weekend there seems to be a festival for something, or someone, somewhere. There is always a reason to get out (and sometimes a reason to stay in). And the weather, to be honest, I love Seattle weather. The summertime is perfect. The rain, well at least it's not snow!

I know we are just moving to the other side of the lake. But to me, it's a brand new adventure. I am anticipating that I will end up loving it just as much as I loved my experience here. I wonder who my friends will be, how I will acclimate with my new ward, and if Michael will end up starting school there. The unknown is a little overwhelming (and so is packing).

I am really grateful to my friend Tysha for taking some awesome pictures of my little family around Greenlake, one of my favorite locations in Seattle. These pictures will forever remind me of the good times (and the not-so-good-times) that made this chapter of my life so sentimental to me.


Lisa said...

I love that you love Seattle so much! I always feel like people don't like it as much as I do and I need to apologize for the weather, the traffic, the lack of certain restaurants or great sports teams. Nice that a real fan was able to live there and appreciate it for all it's glory! PS, I grew up on The Eastside, it's even better!

Tysha said...

You are so wonderful, Diana, and you will be missed here in "Ciatill" (so cute you have that in your journal :)

I am excited for the new chapter in your life book - it IS exciting!

and btw, your still just across some water - so come visit anytime!

Myrna said...

"The bluest skies you'll ever see are in Seattle,
And the hills the greenest green in Seattle,
Like a beautiful child, growing up, free and wild,
Full of hopes and full of fears, full of laughter, full of tears,
Full of dreams that last for years in Seattle.
In Seattle."
(Theme song from the TV Series "Here Come The Brides" (1968)
by Jack Keller / Hugo Montenegro /Ernie Sheldon--which you are too young to remember!! But I am not!!)

Mallory said...

Luckily you aren't moving far so you can keep your old friends and make new ones too

Cory and Sarah Lewis said...

Was I that friend Sarah?

An Ordinary Mom said...

I adore your 8 year old way of spelling Seattle - darling!!

I miss Seattle, too, and all my good friends ... I am just glad it is not too far away for me to visit often :) !!

Layla said...

I will miss having you near by! And our walks around Greenlake. Church will not be the same!

-Special Mothertivity- said...

It is always bitter sweet to move away, even if its not that far! I love Seattle too, but I don't know how I'd deal with the weather...
and nice family pictures!

Meaghan said...

That's so neat. And what awesome pictures! I love the one of you guys looking over the city.

Brittney said...

where are you moving?

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