Halloween 2011

Oh boy, did I miss Halloween? Richard knew at the beginning of the year that he was going to build Michael's costume. Of course, we all didn't start putting it together until two weeks before. The costume wasn't quite to his liking, but it was cute enough.

Introducing Bumblebee! (the Transformer...in case you are confused, because some people were confused when we would refer to Michael as "Bumblebee")

We went to Richard's work party on Halloween and ate a yummy lunch. And played with balloons. Richard had every desire to dress up as Optimus Prime but there simply wasn't enough time to get that project going.

I didn't dress up, but I think I'll buy these next year.

Despite going to a neighborhood business trick-or-treat, the ward trunk-or-treat, and then trick-or-treating with some friends on Halloween night there is definitely no more candy left at this house.

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Lisa said...

Awesome bumblebee transformer! It looks like it would be even better in person than in pictures. Way to go Richard!
Don't worry about the lack of candy, Christmas candy is on it's way!