Talk About Talent!

I recently came across an autobiography that I wrote in 5th Grade. Our teacher provided us with sheets of paper that prompted questions that we answered. It is quite a hilarious read, and definitely the school project I won't be throwing away ever!

One page is about talents, and this is what it says:

Although I've only been around 10 years, I've managed to accomplish some pretty neat things! Here is a list of just some of the things I've done: swimming, basketball, piano, playing, reading, singing, violin, writing storys, playing with cat

I am especially talented at eating a lot
And the accomplishment that I am the most proud of is that when we were having a big dinner I was so hungry, and most of the food I didn't like so I ate 3 tacos, one serving of salad, and I drank 2 cups of water

When I accomplished this I felt very, very full

I'm also pretty sure I was the hottest thing walking the elementary halls that year. 


Suzy said...

HAHAHA!!! Oh I laughed out loud at that one!

Katharine said...

Did you have Miss. Burton cause I have an autobiography page that looks like that?

Diana said...

No, it was Mrs. Roberts