50 Bar Challenge

Update: It's still Friday, and I've got 40 bars to go! That's absolutely fantastic! If you don't want to pay shipping (by buying through the site) please tell me what you'd like, and I'll get the product to you. Thanks for all of you that have gotten this competition off to a great start!!!

I promise you that my blog will not be completely overrun with Scentsy products now. It's just new, exciting and on my mind 99% of the time as I'm getting this business rolling.

My Star Director has challenged me, and others to sell 50 Bars in 5 days. I know I can do it, and the competition aspect is really driving me! I am so happy I signed on right when the fall fragrances came out, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of scents that you just love. My favorites are: Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Roll, Coconut Lemongrass, and Kahiko Hula (pineapple-scent).

Scentsy bars come in over 80 flavors. $5 each, 3 for $14, or 6 for $25.

In short: Scentsy is a really neat product that is super simple to understand. A Bar has 8 cubes of wax, each cube giving approximately 25 hours of fragrant melting time. You just place a cube into one of the warmers to melt the fragrant wax, and walah!--your home will smell fabulous. It's a candle without the flame, and the wax cannot burn you which is important to me with having a 3-year-old running around. Their stinkin' cute holiday selection is now online too.

Call or message me, or order online at https://dianaanderson.scentsy.us/Buy?partyId=52163557

I will be placing an order as soon as I hit my 50 Bar goal! Thanks, friends!

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