A morning at the Locks where we observed the salmon traveling on the fish ladder. A few of these salmon were exceptionally large. It was pretty amazing!

This young boy has finally started to play on the swings. He has never been fond of them, so it's nice to see him enjoy them now (as long as he's on his tummy).

Richard works near Snoqualmie Falls and the old trains. We enjoyed walking around and gazing into some of them one afternoon. I mostly adore this pictures because Richard looks so sharp. Michael on the other hand, is still wearing his pajama shirt because it was a rough day, and I justified it because we were going to see the trains later anyway. 


Nancy said...

Fun times! I LOVED going to the locks when I was little (and watching the salmon). Fun, fun times! :)

Lorrie B. said...

You forgot the part at the end of the day when you shouted out of your car window "Lorrie Berg is hot!" Lol! Looks like you guys had fun. Your sun is super cute.

Lorrie B. said...

Wait this was today not yesterday right...never mind..